My Yugioh Cards Story – #1 Freed The Matchless General

So I was telling you in a previous post that I bought many Yugioh cards, while connecting with my youngest son.  I also told you I would be telling you why I was buying them for personal reasons over his investment reasons.

First one I picked out.  None of these will be in order… but will have a story.

yugioh freed the matchless general

The card – Freed The Matchless General

This card was chosen because during my separation, one of my best friends stayed by me.  He communicated with me on a daily basis to make sure I was okay.  It was very important to me because he was a friend that reached out, while many of my other friends ran the other way, and of course, the ones that were friends with me and my ex xxrated went to him because he had the money.  I get it.  I don’t have any regrets or sorrows for that.  It is a known fact, through a divorce, you find your true friends.  I did.

This man was not just a best friend, but a guardian.  He made me feel like all the bad that was happening had a good on the other side.  He was the person who helped me come out of my wanting to stay in bed all day, and wishing that the next day would not come.  He made me want the next day to come because I knew there was someone out there that cared.

A warrior to my life.

I don’t know much about Yugioh, but what I liked about this, was as long as he was face up… there was security in my life.

In hindsight, I think he saved my life from falling… he gave me the gift of music from Peter Gabriel.  It inspired me to move forward.

I made a few wrong decisions along my path after our paths diverged into different paths, regarding business, and relationship, where he didn’t need to look over me anymore… but will alway remember… his saving grace… and to this day.. still friends…

Will say.. he still looks over me… My Matchless General… Face up.

Level of love? Very Much…  Only one below Tons…. but at the time when I was in pain?  Tons!!… so maybe?  In-between.

Next… Mirror Wall… Yugioh. 🙂

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