Mirror Wall – Trap Card

So… it took me a bit of time to get to my next Yugioh story.

The Mirror Wall.

I believe this to be very telling of what who you look at every morning getting ready for work, or the morning you didn’t have to go to work, but you look at the mirror after a long sleep in… or the mirror the next day of whatever.

It is a see? What do you see.

Sometimes to me? I see a child even at 56, waking up, feeling like school is an endless world. Ask me why? Because, I remember waking every morning as a child, and I had my have to does. Didn’t change as an adult. We start we school, we go to work… then some people retire.

Then some people don’t because they don’t make it that long.

I’m not being depressing, I am being realistic.

So where does psychotic love come into this blog? It’s about wondering how some people psychotically love themselves and will stand before that mirror wall for hours, making themselves, what they believe to be beautiful. And I can’t understand for why?

Because to me beauty is in realizing… when you stand before that mirror, before the make up, or the shaving of your face (is that both male and female? LOL).. the best thing you can do is love you… not psychotically, but lovingly… for who are.

I’m aging. I get it. I look sometimes in the mirror and think “OH MY GOSH you look like your dad, and when you remembered how he was getting older”. This is reality. But sincerely, when the lights are not too bright to see all the wrinkles? I smile and say “You, kid, are cute”.

I have no idea if this relates to any of the psychosis I refer to in a lot of my blogs… but to be psychotically in love with yourself, as I have known some to be, and they hide behind their personal lies, wear make up, and look in that mirror and still pretend (that is psychosis) to love themselves, not in true plain of life?

Do I feel sorry? Yes. I believe they have self confidence issues. We all do… but those of us who kick ass and can just love ourselves naked? No matter what our form, our age, our character? That is true love. Psychotic love usually means… Make Up Required.

My copyrighted book speaks to all of you out there loving yourself honestly without the vail… Make Up NOT Required.

Hugs to all …. Love you!! In all your imperfections that make you perfect.

Decarease the ATK of all your opponents attacking monsters by half. You must pay 2000 Live Points during each of your Standby Phases. If you cannot, this card is destroyed.

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