Reading Taming Your Gremlin

So I was advised to read Taming Your Gremlin by Rick Carson. Now the beginning of the book they ask to name your Gremlin.  I have thought long and hard on this, even if the author continually says to observe and not try too hard.

It just keeps coming back to me, as I do observe, that this Gremlin looks a lot like my ex husband. This is the truth. I may have seen him as my mother, but no. This little creature has blue eyes like my ex and continually pretends to support me, but in his way, at my best moment, tells me I’m not good enough and not as powerful as he is. He is scary too because I don’t want to be him. However I think I realized that is my downfall. He wants to rule the world and is happy I am in no way wanting to do that. He constantly reminds me that I left a rich man and that now I am poor and downtrodden because of it.

What my Gremlin doesn’t get is that it’s not that I don’t want to achieve more, it’s that I want to take my time doing so this time around. But he keeps telling me I will never amount to anything. So I realized my Gremlin does have a name. It’s Keith.

Criss Cross Keith. My Gremlin can be that painfully destructive crossing over this way and that and frightening with his blue eyes and rule the world kind of way.

So.. Criss Cross Keith look out… I will be observing you… 😉