Affairs… Apparently can be healed. Can it if it was the Sister?

Wish I had heard this years ago… LOL   She is brillliant in hitting the points of affairs.  And too how to resolve if you REALLY want to and how some see divorce as a way out to freedom.  All felt, but fought, but this is just as true!  Some things are not dealt with… including parents and children when it it about family. When the affair wanders to a sister and the a son knows more than a mother about it through his cousin… I am so happy to be single… saddest moment is when my children were told they would not have two parents together.. but truth be known, my eldest said it was for the best.  I am so happy single.  I did not connect with another person and my children are still messed up about my sister and my ex…. as too my parents and my other two sisters… but after 15 years we are learning to adjust.  Christmas Eve was cancelled for the first time in tradition years, which mean forever.  I am happy.  I will spend it with someone who needs me.  And too my daughter is doing same.  I did that last year.  I bailed on my family.  I love my parents and my children and my two sisters.  Third one?  I just don’t want to see.   So I choose my happy now.  My Hampy.  But the video is truly smart and thoughtful.



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