I Miss Me More

I just love this song, and I think everyone who has been in one of "those" relationships should listen to it!! I can't say I didn't miss him when I first left him, but I CAN tell you that after some time I did realise, that as much as I had missed him, I missed … Continue reading I Miss Me More

Glad I didn’t Know

I remember the first time he fell deep in love with someone else.  It was weird.  I had a 2, 4 and 8 year old... Lots of songs went through my head.  I will share a few.  But this one I love so much.  Possibly because 15 years after my divorce, and after our 10th … Continue reading Glad I didn’t Know

Affairs… Apparently can be healed. Can it if it was the Sister?

Wish I had heard this years ago... LOL   She is brillliant in hitting the points of affairs.  And too how to resolve if you REALLY want to and how some see divorce as a way out to freedom.  All felt, but fought, but this is just as true!  Some things are not dealt with... including … Continue reading Affairs… Apparently can be healed. Can it if it was the Sister?

Last Time For Everything…

These are the things to remember when you feel down... no regrets.  The fun times will alway prevail. Last time for everything... including .... yes... last time... you get it!! 🙂  Love this video. Makes me smile.


Thoughts... they are wonderful. They make you ponder over so many feelings in life you have experienced. Psychotic love, in the case we are writing here, is one of incredible dimensions, of a building up to such a degree, that when it implodes (collapse or cause to collapse violently inward is the definition to this … Continue reading Thoughts