Can We Feel Spychotic Because Of Our Relationship With Our Children

I have back pain. It’s Thanksgiving. I have spent most of my wonderful rare four days off in bed. I connected with a beautiful lady and partner in a course by chance. She asked how I was doing. I explained the exhaustion of the pain in my back that caused shallow breathing and being tense and exhausted. 

She did her healing and said I was 30% healed but it would take 2 to 3 more days once the emotions release the pain. 

Truth be known, at first I thought “I am so happy in my life, what emotions need to be released?” 

Then it came to me. I heard nothing from my children in the past month. And even so nothing about getting together on Thanksgiving. Or even a Happy Thanksgiving wishes on the day. 

My parents were away and I was babysitting their kitten. My sisters were busy. All good. But I missed hearing from my children. Even ONE of them saying… hey mom… how are you and Happy Thanksgiving. I felt an emptiness.

Having said that… I guess subconsciously I was feeling those emotions that slowed my healing.

Knowing this now I need to realize that my children cannot be part of my psychotic love. I need to move forward in knowing they are fine and let go….. let go. 

Then the healing begins….