My Yugioh Cards Story – #1 Freed The Matchless General

So I was telling you in a previous post that I bought many Yugioh cards, while connecting with my youngest son.  I also told you I would be telling you why I was buying them for personal reasons over his investment reasons. First one I picked out.  None of these will be in order... but … Continue reading My Yugioh Cards Story – #1 Freed The Matchless General

Removing the Negative

This is going to sound weird.  I have, for the first time in my life, a tomato plant.  It's a topsy turvy one, but it was beautiful to watch grow from a small plant to a huge one.  I didn't anticipate much, as I don't have a green thumb like my mother.  But, I did … Continue reading Removing the Negative

How Can Someone Make You Feel Like Writing This?

I love poems.  I have written many.  But this weekend going through some papers I wrote while I was married to the man I can't hate, but feel there was a great deal of healing after I left, this was truly a reason. I wrote this for him to read.  I was hoping he would … Continue reading How Can Someone Make You Feel Like Writing This?

Another Home Within A Home

So people tell me I'm too nice.  That's all okay.  I would rather be that then too mean? Too self involved? Too untrusting? Too unloving? Seriously? What is wrong with being too nice.  There are adjustments to make if you choose to remain so in a life that is not so nice, but really, what … Continue reading Another Home Within A Home

Last Time For Everything…

These are the things to remember when you feel down... no regrets.  The fun times will alway prevail. Last time for everything... including .... yes... last time... you get it!! 🙂  Love this video. Makes me smile.