Finding Yugioh… Serendipity!! and a life story…

So this is a strange senrendipity story... or maybe not.  I pulled out my 2003 collection of Yugioh cards that I bought during a beautiful time in my life with my sons and daughter.  The first and only summer I had with them without working and just doing. My son loved going to Comic Connections … Continue reading Finding Yugioh… Serendipity!! and a life story…


Removing the Negative

This is going to sound weird.  I have, for the first time in my life, a tomato plant.  It's a topsy turvy one, but it was beautiful to watch grow from a small plant to a huge one.  I didn't anticipate much, as I don't have a green thumb like my mother.  But, I did … Continue reading Removing the Negative

When do the dreams end?

I've been divorced for 13 years now to my first love.  13 years and I still have dreams about him.  I have dated a couple of times, and one was very special to me.  He's still my best friend.  Another passed away.  But I don't dream about them at all.  I only dream about my … Continue reading When do the dreams end?